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    July 11, 2013
    6:00 - 6:31pm PDT  

the young girl. this is video into the ktvu newsroom of the sheriff's boat with a dog returning after looking in the martin luther king. >> we want to show you the the picture of daphne reported missing at 11:00 yesterday morning in east oakland. paul chambers has been following this story all day. >> paul joins us live now from oakland with the latest. paul has exclusive video of the girl's father taken minutes before he was reported missing. >> reporter: frank, julie, there's an active amber aalready. today police handed out 200 fliers. tonight they'll launch the chopper and search the shoreline behind me as the search for daphne continues. >> exclusive video shows 49- year-old john web in line at the grocery store it watching to buy an energy drink. moments later he left the store and said his daughter was missing from the suv.
he said he left the 1-year-old in the vehicle with his mother who police say isn't well enough to watch her. for that reason web was arrested and in custody. >> his mother is 87 years old and suffers from dementia. there are safety concerns. he was arrested for. >> day two of the search focused here at the park, a place daphne frequented. the sheriff's office launched this boat with a tracking dog on board. web's neighbor had a rough guess of the last time she saw the little girl. >> last time was six weeks ago with the mom. >> reporter: police are working on a time line to determine when daphne and her father were last seen together. officers went door to day or night in the neighborhood to help them find the missing girl. >> we're actively searching for the missing child. our primary focus is locating her and locating her safely. >> reporter: we've learned a
police cadaver dog picked up the scent at the home where she and her father lived. we're told it was found in a trash can and pillow case. police say at this time web, the father is not a suspect in this case. of course we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest as it develops. ktvu channel 2 news. and we just received this picture of the missing girl's father, john web. he's reportedly held on $100,000 bail at the jail in dublin. here's another look at a picture of 1-year-old daphne web. she's described as having short, curly black hair and brown eyes, last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. to our continuing coverage of crash 214. news chopper 2 is live over the
wreckage. crews will begin cutting the plane up into pieces. that's what we learned today at the national transportation safety board. >> investigators are wrapping up the onscene investigation. there was no sign of failure on the auto pilot or flight director. investigators say the cockpit recorder shows two pilots called for the landing to be aborted 3 seconds and 1 1/2 seconds. the pilot told verdicts -- told investigators he saw a bright light. >> investigators will determine the position of the sun at the time of the landing to help identify any possible sources of momentary reflection that could have been in his field of view. >> all future updates will come from headquarters in washington
dc. the ntsb final report should be completed in a year. ktvu has never before seen photos from saturday's crash. this is a shot of the debris left on the run way at sfo. you can see parts of the plane are spread across the tarmac. >> here's a photo of passengers escorted onto a bus. the bus was used to take survivors from the crash site. >> this is a look inside the charred cabin of flight 214. >> we have team coverage. we begin with christian live near sfo and how the airline says the run way could open as early as sunday. >> crews are working hard. work is still underway here at the run way. there appear to be three large dumpsters to clear that area. clearing the run way is half
the job. crews have to undertake the massive repair job to get this run way up and running. crews moved an earth mover to 28 left today aimed to clean up the speed way process. the wreckage will be cut into smaller pieces and transported to a secure location at the area. once that's done, crews import repair work. faa will have to repair damaged bea cons at the end of the run way. >> the set of navigationable aids called the precision path indicator that helps pilots get reference on their approach angle. >> reporter: the airport will have to repair the damaged sea wall and lay 500 tons of new asphalt. >> we've got run way taxi lighting, painting markers on the run way, center lines and guides need to be repainted. >> the airport's fourth run way could be open in a matter of
days. >> if we could get it open by sunday night monday morning we'd be happy with that. we want to get hit as soon as possible. there's a lot of steps that still have to happen. >> reporter: we asked the airport about the price tag on all of this clean up going on here at sfo. so far we haven't heard how much it's going to cost or who will foot the bill. live near sfo, channel 2 news. >> take a look at this. our news camera caught the flight 214 landing at sfo today making a smooth picture perfect touchdown. that's right by the wreckage of the plane that crashed saturday. it's been landing on the regular schedule once a day everyday since the crash. >> the run way closure contributed to more than 100 flight cancellations. in total 103 flights were cancelled. an airport spokesman tells ktvu
that number is split between arrivals and departures. delays are expected to run 90 minutes throughout tonight. officials say bad weather on the east coast is contributing to the cancellations and delays. our coverage of the crash of flight 24214 24 -- flight 214. we talk to the woman that wrote triple 7 flight manual about possible distractions. ktvu is airing a one hour prime time special on the crash landing of flight 214. a group of reporters that have been on the flight since the beginning are taking a closer look at crash including the train of pilots on different airlines. ktvu indepth flight 214 airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. a mother and son are recovering after they were hit by an suv last night. the woman and 5-year-old boy were riding bicycles after 8:00 p.m. when they were struck by the suv in a crosswalk at the
boulevard. the two were thrown off their byes. a man rushed to help. >> he was not breathing at all, started turning colors in his mouth. i started chest compressions on him, felt a pulse. i heard him gurgling. >> the boy is suffering serious injuries. the mother's injuries are moderate. neighbors say the intersection has been a problem some time. one neighbor has seen at least five accidents with some cars ending up on his front lawn. the county coroner released the names of a couple killed in a head on crash. the victims martin and marleen, a married couple. the crash happened at 8:00 last night. for some reason, their car swerved into oncoming traffic and rolled over into the path
of a big rig. no a binding arbitration decision today, police officers found out they will not be getting raising. officers wanted a 10% raise to recover cover the voluntary cut they took two years ago. the final position was to offer zero pay restoration. officers expect morale in the department to get even worse. >> it's an emotional decision for me to have to come to this decision i have to go. it comes down to my family. >> mayor reed says the city has $10 million set aside to help keep officers. there's a 2 1/2% raise offer on the table. the union says that won't make the department competitive with others and it's not interested in resuming talks at this point. new at 6:00, it was back to the bargaining table for bart today and employees. two sides have been talking since the 4 1/2 day strike ended the 4th of july.
the bumpy ride is nowhere near over. the unions say if a permanent deal isn't reached in less than a month, the bay area is in for the bloodiest, longest strike ever. ktvu john in oakland today with the intense negotiations. >> reporter: two sides are still inside headquarters trying to work out a deal. this is one day earlier than they planned to meet this week. negotiations are right with harsh viewings. during this morning's meeting with the board of directors, the session became heated. >> maybe this union busting tactic from the midwest can fly in texas or arizona but not here in the progressive san francisco bay area. >> with bart union members there in force, it went on for a while. the bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s was unsettled for the long time board member.
>> it would be disasterrous. at the end of the day when people say who's side are you on? i'm not on anybody's side. >> he believes the two sides are not that part in negotiations but neither side had handled the situation as well. >> each side has done one thing against the other. >> bloodiest so longest strike might have been a figure of speech. >> we will take the proper enforcement action. >> reporter: last week's strike cost the bay area 70 million dollars in lost productivity per day. bart riders fear what another longer strike would do to them. >> that would definitely effect me. i mean, i'd have to just see the traffic and at least work from the office. >> if that happens, i'll be on the bus to make adjustments necessary.
>> reporter: negotiations have been ongoing since early this afternoon with no apparent break with no sign of progress. they're set to resume tomorrow. taking no chances after discovering a case of west nile. the south bay neighborhood is fogging for infected mosquitoes tonight. wild weather will be trending warmer so. how much temperatures could rise where you live this weekend. no three minutes, three steps to a safe landing. what our triple 7 expert told us about the early signs flight 214 was in trouble. [ male announcer ] now at your local subway, gotta-try-'em flavors like the chicken & bacon ranch melt are built fresh from the bread up. grilled chicken covered with melty monterey cheddar, cool ranch and mmm...bacon. you gotta try it today! subway. eat fresh.
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33 adult prisoners. lawyers say severe staffing shortages and denial of basic necessities may be harming prisoners. lawyers will report back on conditions in 75 days. new at 6:00 we spoke to the mother of a missing oakland girl late this afternoon. she tells us her 1-year-old daughter probably wouldn't have cried if a stranger took her. >> daphne is such a friendly baby. she's loving towards strangers. she wouldn't cry the if it's something they didn't know picked her up. she's not going to do that. >> web shares custody of little daphne. as we mentioned before, the baby was staying with her father and grandmother when she was reported missing by her father yesterday morning. we'll have more from kioni web coming up at 10:00. crews are planning to fog an area of san jose. at 11:00, crews will use a
pickup truck to spray insecticides south of mont rail road. public health officials say several mosquitoes found in that area tested positive for west nile. chemicals used tonight won't hurt anything bigger than a mosquito they say. returning now to our coverage of the crash of flight 214. we sat down with the scientist that wrote part of the triple 7 manual. we're joined now with what those in the cockpit experienced. >> evidence seems to show they were flying distracted. three pilots in the cockpit somehow didn't react to what was right in front them. >> as the jet approached, on board equipment worked properly. visual cues should have been obvious to the pilots. >> there are a lot of accidents where clues were missed to crews. >> julie an is a scientist at
decision speed. she wrote arts of the triple 7 airman july. she asked what distraction may have caused unintentional blindness to the panel and outside. >> when they were low and slow, they would have had a lot of information telling them that. >> altitude on the right flight display, air speed prominent on the left and if too slow t master warning light flashes bright yellow in front of the pilot. lights were glowing bright red beside the air way. without being engaged throttles should pump forward when slow and may have partially. >> at 500 feet if they weren't on speed or path, they should have been executing. where was their attention and why was it on anything other than flying the airplane? >> pilots call it basic airman
ship. the ntsb has to find out why that skill apparently failed these experienced pilots. we have another never before seen photo taken after saturday's crash. here it is. this is a close up look at the debris left along the sea wall. the airplane struck the wall as it was trying to land and skidded down the run way. our coverage continues online at you'll find the latest information including video today's news conference. solar panels continue to grow in pop lair thinkty -- popularity in california. the solar initiative set a goal of installing 1750 new mega watt solar powers on residential and commercial roofs by 2016. the state has already installed more than 1600 mega watts. the average cost to install
solar panels on a home has dropped 32% since 2007. fair organizers are blaming the heat for low attendance number this is year. overall attendance was down near near 27%. on seven days the heat was over 100 degrees. the fair did see more junior livestock sales than last year. you probably noticed the cool down inland again today. temperatures there were cooler than a couple days ago when we had upper 90s. the reason is big fog bank over 2000 feet. this is how it looked at 2:00. that's the top of the fog bank. well up over the coastal ills. -- coastal hills. we had a big push of fog. that fog is going to do the same tonight. a big push of it pushes into
the valuely. highs today took a hit. they came certainly around the bay with 70 in valet ho, 758 nap pa. temperatures were -- 75 nap pa. temperatures were down and fire danger lower. air quality was nice as well. there's breezes out there. they're pushing the fog inland. you can see pit up over the hills. average 1000 feet. in the next few hours it's really going to lift in and go to most of the areas tonight and tomorrow morning. as you go through the bay a looking at temperatures mid 7 30s -- 70s and low 80s. it's cooler in the valley than it has been. the forecast for this low pressure center as it gets close to us, it takes the fog, stretches it out and you shalls it in. that will happen tonight and tomorrow. as we get to the bay area
weekend, this establishes the pressure and puts a lid down on it. that starts the warming process inland. the forecast for fog tomorrow with a big push is there. fairfield you'll have fog up to the delta. that will in fact cool the sacramento valuely. 90 clear lake, 84 fairfield. forecast highs heading to friday. 84 danfield, santa clara valley better air quality upper 70s and low 80s. along the coast low 60s. the five-day forecast for the bay area. fire danger returns sunday and monday and even tuesday as inland temperatures start to go up a little. temperatures warming each day sunday, monday and tuesday. there's your five-day forecast. this is one that keeps us mild a day or two and warms up sunday and monday. >> thanks bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 the search for
a local toddler intensifying. those that will know her are trying to optimistic. the news caught some family and friends off guard. and the message in a bottle providing a sense of closure for one family. a best seller, the san francisco giants player who's jersey was the top seller last year. take your best guess. we'll have your answer in a moment. ñáçwçñ
giants catcher buster posey has made the top spot in the major league baseball rankings this season for best selling jersey. romo and sand value acame in 15 and 16. most players are under the age of improvement they're young. warriors have a big new name tonight. >> this is really a sign of the times. this team is now a destination that people want to come to. this is one of the biggest names in the nba. they didn't have to throw -- well they threw a lot of money at them but didn't have to get him here against his will. a bona fide all star wanting to
come to the state. he's a bona fide star. couple of players he's affiliated with, curry and barnes. >> i've been knowing harrison a long while. i'm excited to play with him. >> curry is like the second coming jesus christ. he's like the most loved plan on earth right now. they're going to definitely help me become a better player because of things they do around what i do. it's fitting so well. >> in baseball, buster posey may be selling the most jerseys, but there's hardly a more popular player since derrick jeter. he broke his ankle in the playoffs a year ago just about. derrick jeter back with the yankees for the first time.
that's down there, infield hit. fans love him and happy to have him back. he's a guy good to be back in major leagues. good for baseball, clean cut dude. >> he 36 or something? >> i think he's older, 38-39. injured in the playoffs and recovered. he's back. tonight a yoga instructor is struck and killed walking a dog. what the police discovered in the driver's vehicle right after that crash. >> good night. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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